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The innovative scar care formula of silicone gel with bioactive stem cells


Helps prevent and improve the appearance of old and new scars.

For all types of scars

Surgery scars

Acne scars

Surgery scars

Stretch marks

Surgery scars

Surgery scars

Surgery scars

Burns & Cuts

Surgery scars

C-Section scars

Surgery scars

Children's scars

2-in-1 Formula

The unique Dual-Action formula for the scar remodelling process that acts on the 2 phases of the healing process:



KELO.CELL Biogel combines silicone ingredients and bioactive stem cells, two distinct mechanisms of action that work together to help reduce, flatten and smooth scars by providing a combination of occlusion, enhancing hydration and by improving the ongoing scarring inflammatory process.


Silicone Gel
Healing by water retention, preventing dehydration of the skin.

Silicone gel is considered the most effective method in prevention and scar treatment. It helps improve the colour and scar texture, while relieving itching and discomfort.


Stem Cells
Improvement of the scarring inflammatory process.

The use of bioactive metabolites of totipotent stem cells allows skin hydration, while its antiinflammatory activity helps to support the scar remodelling process, reducing redness, and itching effects.

Why KELO.CELL Biogel is so important for scar care?

The invisible silicone film formed on the top of the skin binds the outer layer of the skin to protect the underlying tissue against chemical, physical and microbial invasion. KELO.CELL Biogel protects the affected area, allowing the regulation of collagen production and improvement of the scar appearance.

KELO.CELL Biogel combines silicone ingredients and bioactive stem cells, two distinct mechanisms of action that work together to help prevent and improve the appearance of hypertrophic, atrophic and keloid scars.
of the physicians rated the hydration effect as
a “beneficial” or “very beneficial” feature.

5 Reasons to choose KELO.CELL Biogel:

  • Helps to reduce inflammation
  • Hydration, softness & protection
  • Suitable for use on sensitive skin & children
  • Odourless & can be used under make-up
  • Helps to reduce discolouration, itchiness & redness

Available in 2 sizes:

Choose the right size according to your scar dimension!

Also important to know

How it works

How to apply

Frequently asked questions

What type of scars is KELO.CELL BIOGEL suitable for?
KELO.CELL BIOGEL is suitable for keloid, hypertrophic and atrophic scars.
How long do I need to use KELO.CELL BIOGEL for?
The recommended minimum treatment time is 60 to 90 days.
Do I need to wash my scar before or after using KELO.CELL BIOGEL?
Make sure your skin is clean and dry before applying KELO.CELL.
After your stitches, clips and dressings have been removed you should be able to wash normally.
Is KELO.CELL BIOGEL effective only on new scars ?
KELO.CELL BIOGEL is most effective on new scars and immature scars up to 2 years old. There is some evidence to show that the product can be effective on scars up to 4 years old.
Does KELO.CELL BIOGEL prevent scars from forming?
KELO.CELL BIOGEL helps prevent hypertrophic and keloid scars from forming but it is important to use it as soon as the wound is closed, or sutures are removed.