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An effective scar care with immediate concealer effect

KELO.CELL Scar Concealer

Helps prevent and improve the appearance of old and new scars, while offering an immediate concealer effect. Specially designed to adapt to all skin tones.

3-in-1 Scar Gel

Silicone Gel

Stem Cells

Adaptable Pigment

KELO.CELL Scar Concealer represents an advanced formula for scar treatment that combines silicone gel, bioactive stem cell extracts and an innovative next-generation pigment-adaptable polymer that matches all skin tones for instant scar coverage.

For all types of scars & skin tones

Acne scars

Acne scars

Acne scars

Stretch marks

Acne scars

Surgery scars

Acne scars

Burns & Cuts

Acne scars


Acne scars

All skin tones

Why include a scar care concealer in your scar treatment routine?

Scars take time to heal and may negatively affect our self-esteem and confidence, especially the most visible ones.

KELO.CELL Scar Concealer was specially developed to help you get rid of that unwanted scar immediately thanks to its highly pigmented coverage while supporting the scar remodelling process.

The powerful blend of moisturizing and anti-inflammatory ingredients contained in its formulation has the potential to boost skin regeneration and transform the appearance of your final scar. This silicone-based product can be worn under sunscreen and makeup at any time of the day.

Feel confident in your skin and help your scars heal properly with KELO.CELL Scar Concealer

5 Reasons to choose KELO.CELL Scar Concealer

  • Immediate concealer effect
  • For all skin tones & all skin types
  • Acceleration of skin repair & itching relief
  • High hydration & anti-inflammatory effect
  • Waterproof & quick drying

Also important to know

How it works

How to apply

Frequently asked questions

Should I use KELO.CELL Concealer before or after my make-up?
You should apply KELO.CELL Concealer directly on the skin, before any other make-up product (such as foundation, bb creams or powders). You should use light layers and slowly build your coverage for the most natural finish.
What is the best way to cover acne with KELO.CELL Concealer?
When you’re concealing spots, pinpoint your coverage area and cover only the spot itself. Firstly, don’t apply too much product. Put a little bit of KELO.CELL Concealer on, give it some time to dry a little, then gently use your finger to tap and blend in the product. Using a brush to blend can often move the product around too much and take away your coverage, especially if you’re trying to cover a spot with some texture.
Is KELO.CELL Concealer right for my skin tone?
Yes, due to its skin-adaptive formula with pigment-bursting beads that camouflage your scar while improving it. KELO.CELL Concealer will adapt to the pigment of your skin, being suitable for all skin tones.