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Repair, soothe and protect your scar.


Help prevent and improve the appearance of old and new scars while protecting them from sun damage.

3-in-1 Formula

Its innovative silicone-based formula with moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties of the stem cells, enhances the scar healing process by boosting skin restoration while protecting your scar from UV radiation.



UV Protection

For all types of scars

Surgery scars

Surgery scars

Surgery scars

Acne scars

Surgery scars

Burns & Cuts

Surgery scars

Stretch marks

Surgery scars


Surgery scars

Children scars

Why is sun protection so important for scar care?

When it comes to scars, you should be extra careful concerning sun exposure. Scar tissue is more sensitive and tends to burn more easily than healthy skin. Too much exposure to the sun can darken and thicken your scar.

Studies has shown that ultraviolet radiation has a negative effect on scar pigmentation, exacerbating its appearance and even leading to hyper or hypopigmentation.

KELO.CELL Protect SPF30 will help your scar stay hydrated and accelerate the scar remodelling process while protecting it from the sun.

5 Reasons to choose KELO.CELL Protect SPF30

  • Scar darkening reduction & itching relief
  • High hydration & anti-inflammatory effect
  • Acceleration of the skin repair process
  • For all skin types, including children
  • Invisible & quick drying

Also important to know

How it works

How to apply

Frequently asked questions

How soon after surgery can I use KELO.CELL Protect SPF30?
KELO.CELL Protect SPF30 can be used as soon as the wound has healed with no scabs or sutures left.
Can I use KELO.CELL Protect SPF30 on any part of my body?
KELO.CELL Protect SPF30 is suitable for external use on face and body, avoiding mucous membranes, open wounds and direct contact with eyes. Ideal for use on the most exposed areas, like face, ears, neck, arms, hands and joint areas.
How long does it take to see an improvement on my scar?
KELO.CELL treatment duration will vary from person to person, depending on many factors. The minimum recommended treatment time for KELO.CELL Protect SPF30 is approximately 60-90 days. Using KELO.CELL Protect SPF30 for longer periods can produce better results.
What is the benefit of SPF30?
KELO.CELL Protection SPF30 provides good protection against harmful UV rays , therefore can help prevent sunburn and reduce the risk of skin pigmentation.