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Stem cells


Scar care with stem cells

The main goal of the inflammatory phase is to create an immune barrier, by initiating a series of molecular events that protect the individual against invading micro-organisms.

The redness and swelling that appear for a period of three or four days after the initial trauma is a visible indicator of the immune response.

Turmeria Zen-CPRCF provides the restoration of inflammatory levels, by reducing cytokine production in inflamed cells, significantly increases hydration rate and accelerates wound healing up to 72%.

The use of bioactive metabolites of totipotent stem cells in Kelo.Cell Biogel provides more effective and safer results than Dexamethasone on the inflammatory process.

Anti-inflammatory activity in Human Monocytes

  • TZkcell completely restored TNF-α levels from inflamedcells.
  • The effect was very potent at all tested dose sreaching up to -97%.
  • Dexamethasone restoration levels was up to -56%.

Wound healing properties (Scratchtest)

  • TZkcell accelerated the healing process up to +72% higher at 24h and up to 63% at 48h compared to baseline conditions
  • The enhancer effect at 24h was higher than 10% FBS.


The use of stem cells decreases the levels of cytokines that are naturally produced by our body during the inflammation process.

Turmeria Zen-CPRCF has anti-oxidant effect by inhibiting the release of free radicals (hydrogen peroxide). In the healing process, the use of stem cells also inhibits the development of keloids and fibroblasts, responsible for hypertrophic scar formation.


MMP-1 and MMP-3
IL-1β IL-6 IL8


Free radicals
DNA damage
Lipid peroxidation

Other Effects

Collagen content
Facial elasticity
Skin fungal

Kelo.Cell Biogel

The unique biogel that combines both of benefits of silicone products and the extraordinary potential of bioactive totipotent stem cells.
This revolutionary formulation dries quickly and can effectively reduce the appearance of scars, decrease inflammation and promote tissue regeneration.
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